has developed an integrated revolutionary product HealthB4U Hospital Mana-
gement Software (HHMS) that covers all the major functional areas of modern multispecialty hospitals. Our Hospital management Software...       
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  It is always very important to have a stunning and outstanding site whether you are interested in modern design or classic style. Beautiful and eye-catching sites always attract more users no matter whether it is simple or ...              more... »  
  Safe Pharma Management software (SPMS) is a fully integrated distribution ERP software solutions which help meet the strategic and logistical challenges in a chemical and pharma-ceutical companies. SPMS specialized distribution software...        more... »  
  Established a decade ago now has come out with Medievents organizing conferences, CME, work shop etc. We work on giving maximum value for money, resea-
rching options and working at all times to your exact budget...          
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Welcome to our Website is the only Medical Software Company which is owned and run by Medical Professionals and which makes us different from other competitors or the Medical software companies available in the market.

Hospital Management Software is currently used by thousands of hospitals nursing homes and health care centers. Our module, can be added and customized according to requirements of hospitals. It provides utmost satisfaction to patients, staff, and administrator with reduced cost. The retrieval of any real time information is quite easy. The HHMS module makes it distinct from the other hospital management software available in the market with its unique features.
?/strong>We would like to appreciate the HealthB4U team, they respond very promptly and    more... »  
Dr. P. Peddeswara Rao, Cardiologist,
Heart Care Centre, Vijayawada.
?/strong>I have been Using HealthB4u software for my hospital for the last 2 and ½ years.   more... »  
Dr. N.Tirumala Rao, Gastroenterologist,
Harini Gastro&Liver Centre,Vijayawada.
?/strong>We are using HealthB4U HMS (Hospital Management Software) in our hospital from     more... »  
Dr. T. Ravi Kumar, Rich Hospitals,
?/strong>HealthB4U Company and the staff respond promptly for any requests and online   more... »  
Dr. V. Naga Shankar, Neuro Surgeon,
Raghavendra Hospitals, Guntur
?/strong>We would like to appreciate the HealthB4U team, they respond very promptly and    more... »  
Dr. P. Peddeswara Rao, Cardiologist,
Heart Care Centre, Vijayawada.
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